Welcome to McClure's K9. McClure's K9 offers consulting for pet owners, researchers, or anyone interested in exploring, understanding, or changing behavior patterns.

I have a diverse background in behavior. I started as a trainer in the United States Marine Corps working with military working dogs. We trained dogs for protection, intruder detection, and explosive or narcotic detection. After my military service I worked as a pet trainer while pursuing a bachelors degree in biology and animal behavior which I completed in 2008. I have since continued on to doctoral research on neuroscience and behavior.

I have found the academic behavior fields to be overly reliant on a few large companies to produce behavioral testing equipment used in research. This lead me to combine my passion and experience in behavior with my other field of expertise and much loved hobby: computer programming and electronics. I now design, build, and program affordable and efficient custom behavior testing equipment for research laboratories.

These affordable alternatives will lower the cost tax-payer funded research, while also allowing beginning scientists, or even hobbyists and "citizen scientist", to dive into an exploration of animal behavior. I hope this may also allow the interested trainer - whether pet or service animal trainer - to combine their expertise based on many centuries of trade-craft with the experimental control valued by the scientific community. I hope also that the academic behaviorists and the trainers may learn from one another and be able to build a common knowledge-base on the topic of interest we share: animal behavior.